Gudeg Jogja Indonesia is Good Choice Ever

Jogja food is synonymous with this one. Not surprisingly, if the city is named as the city gets gudeg. To get in Jogja gudeg will not difficult, to remote villages also have gudeg.

In Yogyakarta there are 2 kinds of gudeg sold, gudeg gudeg dry and wet. Gudeg hold only 1 wet day, dry gudeg are resistant to 5 days. Make you happy with the dry gudeg do not miss Gudeng Yu Djum very popular in Yogyakarta.

Here you can eat Gudeg food in place or would like to go, it’s up to you just how easy way to do smth, if you want to bring home, you can choose want wrapped in besek or kendil.

gudeg jogja

If you want to eat in the place prepare your money start from Rp 5,000 to Rp 23,000. But gudeg who want to take home costs slightly more expensive than eating at the time. The price ranges from Rp 20,000 to Rp 130,000.

Default Menu is gudeg plus kreceg, Can be also added to the chicken sold per section and a cooked egg pindang. You can also choose chicken that has been shredded. Pain Gudeg Yu Djum really sweet, but does not make people eat the Gudeg become nauseated. chicken meat also is very soft.

In Wijilan, eat this place is not very knowledgeable. Those who came average book to take home or for a gift. Seating capacity is also very limited, only about enough for 6 people.

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