Tahu Sumedang yang Lezat dan Gurih

“Sumedang Tandang, Nyandang Kahayang“, that’s the motto of Sumedang city. It is not strange for the people that the West Java regency is famous for the typical food. That’s Tahu Sumedang.

It seems not quite fit when we come around in the city of Sumedang, does not bring up-a gift these unique/typical food from Sumedang .

But now not only in the city Sumedang only a lot of people sells Tahu Sumedang but almost all of West Java, especially in the large cities such as Bandung, Purwakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Tasikmalaya, Cirebon and (and even outside West Java such as Jakarta and Tangerang ).

kuliner tahu sumedang food

As for Encang (49) of the original birth Sumedang, selling know this is not strange anymore. 1985-1998 he was on the cross as the hapless seller in Sumedang station. But starting early in 1999 to enter the man who is the backbone of this family with the beloved wife begin to presume to a home industry of Tahu sumedang in the border Bandung-Sumedang.

Tahu Sumedang is sold in raw form Rp 8,000 per box, and cooked Tahu (ready to eat) the price of Rp 9,000 per packet, contains 110 of Tahu. in litle traders the pavement or the price has reached Rp 200 per Tahu. This Tahu Sumedang is to much sold through litle traders-traders who peddle in the vehicle-vehicle and general cadger are stop along the path outgoing / incoming toll Cileunyi, Bandung.

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